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2011.06.23 (Thu)


Help me use my new altitude tent!




Based on that, as well as the research literature, my advice would be to turn right around and sell it unless:

1) you plan to compete at altitude (in which case it can be used for pre-acclimatization);

2) you live at altitude, and can run it in reverse to perform hyperoxic workouts; and/or

3) you race over short enough durations that a potential bump in anaerobic capacity may improve your performance.

What I don't expect that you will find is that simply sleeping in it will improve your performance over longer durations...8-10 h/d of mild- to moderate- hypoxemia seems to be insufficient to induce a significant increase in red cell mass.
(You might be able to achieve this, however, if you can use the generator to expose yourself to a much higher simulated altitude for 3-5 h/d...however, it is unlikely that you'd be able to sleep under such conditions, which makes using the system this way difficult to work into a normal day.)

Andrew Coggan

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